• Jason Corley

You have no problem inserting yourself into our marriage , so why not my LIBERTIES?

I am fully aware that this will come across as brash and insensitive, cold and callus with some ax to grind.

On the contrary, I am aware and in tune with where we are as a country and the local community and my personal feelings and faith.

Do not take this as a personal shot. But if your stomach is turning with conviction while reading, then maybe ....

You see, growing up in the church. The son of a pastor and now a full-time missionary, I've had the unpleasant misfortune of walking through the doors of every flavor of the congregation.

From Bible thumping baptist to flag dancing charismatic. From pastors that mimic the late Billy Graham to those hoping to be the next hashtag internet success.

Not all of them turned out to be lemons that we're involved in marital affairs, offering embezzlement or prison time for raping youth students on mission trips.

(my pre-marital counselor that we were required to meet with actually went to prison for rape)

I've had the pleasure of knowing and loving the leadership of a few that truly walked the talk and were not afraid of religious persecution. They taught the word of God and how to apply that to your daily faith and needs.

Unfortunately, though, I was either not in a personal place to heed that guidance or moved away from those teachings due to my inability to commit demographically at the time.

(Sugarcreek OH, Hartville MO, Dover OH)

**The reason I bring that up is that I have a LOT of experience in the not-so- authentic approach to today's church leadership.

Churches have zero issues preaching on the Bible's stance with sex, our money, how we parent, dealing with loss, and even abortion. Why, when it comes to religious freedom and the 1st Amendment that protects your right to guide us, do you run from the elephant in the room on political issues that directly affect the congregation that funds you?

You're too scared to be challenged. You're too scared to upset someone or, God forbid hurt someone's feelings. How about you find the courage and take a stance, give us real-life examples of how to fix our country.

Pedophilia and corruption are real issues, ya know.

You hammer and starve us to pray and fast. Pray for what? How do we pray in times like this? What are we praying for? For God to sprinkle glitter and fairy dust over us to protect us and fix the issues we are dealing with?

We don't need and are not asking you to fill out our ballots. But you sure as hell can guide us biblically on how to decide for ourselves and what actions we should be taking.

I've yet to hear someone and anyone giving me a biblical explanation of how to pray in times like this. Times like now when our country and families are hurting and confused.

I don't think your "membership" ties us to the watered-down delivery. It's 2021, and with one thumb press, we can delete any subscription we find useless.

Our country and communities are crumbling in from us, and all you brought today was a message series you copy and paste from, hoping it buys you another week to find another one. It's like a Garth Brooks CD on repeat, it doesn't suck, but it's not what we hoped for coming to the concert. It's safe!

News flash pastor skinny jeans and Air Jordans. This ain't a self-help center, and we didn't come to listen to you give a motivational speech. We are here because we seek the truth, challenge, and guidance on leading our families in massive times of uncertainty.

Don't avoid the elephant in the room just because you want to protect your tax fee status.

Our options to hear that type is as common as any other gas station on every street corner. And guess what, they all have the same coffee and donuts for us.

So unless you get down and dirty with us as a congregation, we will continue to bounce around seeking that until we find someone fearless enough to do so.

Politics and Jesus go hand and hand. He was executed for political purposes.

You want us to commit to you and our local church? Then start teaching and stop preaching.

** I reserve the right to edit this as I see fit**

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